Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Fallen Angel

So is there anyone out there other than me that isn't done with their Christmas shopping?! I feel so alone, lol. I actually thought that I'd have to wait til Thursday to shop, but our company decided to be nice and gift us with our paychecks a day early so I'm hitting the stores tomorrow to do ALL of my shopping. So you've been warned...outta the way woman on a mission!! Hell, I just sent out my Christmas cards yesterday. Just haven't been into the whole Christmas thing this year. We didn't get a tree again this year so the only decorating that I've done is downstairs I have a drop ceiling that I hang pine garland from that I decorate with white lights and gold/white/maroon goodies and I have a few of my vintage Santa's out. I have been playing Trans Siberian Orchestra, so that counts as Christmas carols right? Nevermind that I play them year round *s*. Still haven't heard if I'm working Christmas Day or not. I requested to just work the morning shift over a month ago, but they haven't decided yet. It would be nice to have the whole day off since I worked Turkey Day, but hey, can't be picky I guess. I finished up this tut when I got home today and I'm rather fond of it. Two using Yarrow's kits, she's gonna think I'm stalking her pretty soon. This kit is a revision of an older one and I think she did a fantastic job! It's Black No.1 and part of the kits that she has on sale right now at Digital Chaos. If you'd like to give it a try, you can find it here.

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