Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Eternal Lovers

Calling all Twilight fans, Jo has a new kit out, just uploaded a coupla hours ago. Great elements and there is a lot of 'em!!! Linked to the gallery if you'd like to request one.

Love Always

Sticky Kisses Scraps has rereleased some scraps, among those "Love Always". She chose some really great colors. The tag is in the gallery for request if you'd like one.

Monday, April 27, 2009

TKO Scraps

TKO Scraps is having a tagger contest featuring a freebie from Sarah of Scraps by CWD. I also have added the tag to the request gallery, and there is also an AC version in the over 21 category if you're interested.

A Pirate of Love

I can't believe I haven't tagged in a week! I was having serious withdrawls! I used Jo's "Dark Gothic" kit for this one. I really like how it turned out. For request in the gallery if you'd like one for yourself.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Love Is...

I looked and couldn't find where I announced that I added this to the gallery, which I did awhile back. And it's one of my favorite tags too. I used "Forever" by Annie's Designs.

Ecstasy in the Caribbean on St. Patrick's Day!

I completely forgot I wasn't done stalking Crazy Lady Scraps, lol! I'm sure she'd be sad to hear that ;p I'm rather proud of my catchy title for this post btw. At least it gets your attention!! So...without further ado...the last three tags with her scaps. The first one is from a kit called "Ecstasy". The second is from "Caribbean Quickie", and the third "St. Patrick's Delight".

Big Rockstars

"We all just wanna be big rockstars"...ok, can't sing Nickelback either, lol. To think my niece asked me the other day why she never hears me sing! Because I'm smart enough to sing in the privacy of my own home, by myself! I know, back to the point...Creative Intentionz has a great musical it, "Rockstar". Has some really unique elements in there too! Tag's linked to the request gallery if you'd like one.

Hard Rocker

Wow, it's been a few weeks since I posted. Between the weekend spent travelling to NC to get step daughter, the week she was here, the weekend spent taking her back, and all around feeling blah, I haven't done much tagging, or anything else for that matter. I did get a few tags done here and there and I didn't realize that I hadn't posted them yet. The first one is a cute one from Candy Kisses using "Glam Rocker".

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Summetime...and the livin' is easy. Ok, I know, I can't sing, lol. I'm in the mood to stalk Crazy Lady Scraps for a bit, but shhh...don't tell her! I used "Sum Fun We Had" for this one. It's linked to the new category Summer in the request gallery.

Time Long Lost

I am so happy with how this tag turned out! Jo has a gorgeous kit, "Days Gone By" that I enjoyed using so much. The colors were fabulous! Linked to the gallery if you'd like to request one.

Good Luck Always

I used a kit by Miss Foxy Designs called "Just My Luck" because well...I thought I could use some luck, lol. It's linked to the gallery if you'd like to request one for yourself.


I'm hoping GRRRR sums up my feelings as of late. I haven't even opened PSP if that tells you anything. I didn't get a job that I thought I was destined to get, so I've been a little depressed to say the least. Chocolate and tagging didn't even help. Then I spent some time getting my house ready for my stepdaughter to come up for Spring Break. I have to laugh because it's beautiful and sunny (80°) where she was, and she's come up here and it's 30° and snowing! I don't know about you, but I'm having a lot of problems with Fotki and 4 Shared in IE. After a week, I finally figured out if I use Opera I could get them both to work. My Incredimail is also acting up, almost all the messages are blank. Very frustrating to say the least. I finally did some tags today though and I've added them up for request. For those that have outstanding requests, please be patient with me.

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