Monday, November 23, 2009

Present for Santa

Well the cable company just left. I love when they send the cute ones out, lol. Anyway, apparently when they built this place they used the older style cable and it's slowly loosing signal. So....he made an appointment for me to have the house rewired. He says "just to warn ya, they make a little mess, but they SHOULD clean it up". That makes me worry right there! I had originally said no to them coming out, but since I do tech support for a living, he proceeds to explain all about the wiring, etc. and shows me how it's degrading and pretty much insists that I have the appointment. Well, ok then, cutie wins! To make it worse, I guess he's friends with the neighbor and they were in the driveway messin' around *boys - rolls eyes*. While I waited for him though, I did get a tut written using Cora's new kit that she just released, "White Christmas". The kit is my total idea of Christmas, I love the red and white, with a little gold and silver thrown in. If you'd like to give the tut a try, you'll find it on my tut blog here.

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