Thursday, May 28, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my hunni! luvs ya! He's celebrating by working a twelve hour shift today =( We are going out to dinner tonight though with family. A local sports bar so some of us can watch the King hold Court. And for those of you going WTH? that means I'm a huge Lebron James and Cavaliers fan! I desperately wanted them to sweep in four like the first two series, cause this dragging it out is hard on me, lol. Been watching the Lakers/Nuggets games too. So it's b ball for me every night. Have to look through my files and see what I have for basketball kits to make some tags.

Anyway, the other reason why I'm posting is to let you know that the reason I haven't been creating anything new for ya'll. I've decided that before I'm dearly sorry, I'm backing up my external hardrive to dvds and cds. Just my photos alone took six dvds. I started on my scrapping file and I'm burning disk six now, and still have six or so more to go. I haven't even looked at my tagging file yet, prolly be just as bad. I have around 400+ gb to back up. I'd be devastated if something happen to my files, so for once I'm being proactive. The disks are going in my fire proof safe under lock and key. Which does make me wonder...if something happens to the safe and its in a fire, and the keys are lost/destroyed, how do you get in the safe?

Ok, back to organizing...hopefully be back soon!

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