Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Yep, Another Quiz

Ok, I really haven't done these in awhile. Maybe I should have another blog for these things because I really do love them! This one I find amusing because all I drink is Diet Coke, and yes I am addicted =)

You are energy in its purest form.
No need to complicate things with sweetness.
And while people may hate your aftertaste,
you are seen as a necessary evil.

Your best soda match: 7 Up

Stay away from: Coke
You Are Diet Coke

1 comment:

Debbie said...

oooh, that's weird. I'm a DR Peppers !! Didn't know a liking for Burito's makes you like Dr. P's. LOL. It said to stay away from 7 UP. I usually drink 7 UP or Sprite Diet!!!

I'm going to get my daughter to try it. She's a real Coke freak.

Thanks for the giggle.

Goddess and Angel blessings to you xxx

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