Sunday, December 7, 2008


I was finally able to see Twilight tonight and OMG!!! I LOVED it!!! My niece said it was slow, but I was so wrapped up in it I guess that I didn't notice lol. To have that kind of forever love is the thing that I think we all want, and the way that they are drawn to each other *dreamy sigh*. The books are on my Christmas list, so hopefully SO pays attention, considering that is the only thing on there *hint*. I had taken the quiz a while ago, I'm glad I saved the results.

Twilight Test

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Debbie said...

Just joined your mailing list. love your site. I'm almost finished reading Twilight - can't wait to see the movie, have the other 3 books here ready to read. Book-a-holic me, will probably have them finished in the next week. daughter reading them too. all my love and angel blessings xxx

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