Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Lost Love

All's well again when I can go back to tagging and find a black and red kit right off! Gothic Hearts is actually Zindy's special pack for the month of October. Comes with two, yep, you read right, TWO tubes!! Woot! Jo of CBJ did a great job of selecting special elements to use, I just couldn't decide which ones to use. Decisions, decisions,. If that's the hardest choice I have to make in a day though, it's a great day =)


For some strange reason this kit reminds me of a certain pop star that I don't want to mention by name Christina. There are a ton of really fun elements to play with in Burlesque, and I know I'll end up going through my tube collection and finding about six that will fit perfectly. No wonder why my housework never gets done on time! Oh, and I really am lovin' the boots in the kit too, I'm thinking I need to find a pair =) But then, it's Jo's kit,so I think she should be buyin!

In Memory

The more I looked at this Zindy tube, the more I decided that I had to do an in memory tag for my childhood cat Midnight. Bear with me for a moment while I'll travel back in time. My dad was working at the Sheriff's Office at the time and they received a call from a women that her kids fished a kitty out the river behind their house. My dad called my mom and the next thing we know I'm the proud 5 year old mommy of this tiny black kitten. Midnight lived to be nineteen years old, even though the later years of his life he was being treated for diabetes. Yes folks, even our furry little friends have to be careful. He was the sweetest, most gentle cat I've even known. I'll meet you at the bridge some day little one.
This is the plain one that I made for Jo, the creator of the kit.

Best Friends

Told ya I was back lol. I missed my Jo so much I'm only going to stalk her for the time being!! Gee, I know she must feel real special 'bout now. I love the "Friends" Collection by her and Zindy so much. They chose really great colours and I adore this tube! Thanks for peeking *s*


Finally getting back to normal things like stalking Jo!! Since the last time I posted she has joined up with the famous Zindy and has become her exclusive designer!!! I think that makes Jo famous then too (not that she wasn't already a rock star in my mind)!!! After taking an eternity off, I'm back tagging again. We won't mention how long it took me to figure out where icons in PSP were again. No, regardless to what you may have heard, it's not like riding a bike lol. Since it's BCA month, I chose to work with "I Believe". The purchase of the tube proceeds are also being donated, which is a really cool thing! Thanks for peeking *s*

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