Tuesday, October 16, 2012

In Memory

The more I looked at this Zindy tube, the more I decided that I had to do an in memory tag for my childhood cat Midnight. Bear with me for a moment while I'll travel back in time. My dad was working at the Sheriff's Office at the time and they received a call from a women that her kids fished a kitty out the river behind their house. My dad called my mom and the next thing we know I'm the proud 5 year old mommy of this tiny black kitten. Midnight lived to be nineteen years old, even though the later years of his life he was being treated for diabetes. Yes folks, even our furry little friends have to be careful. He was the sweetest, most gentle cat I've even known. I'll meet you at the bridge some day little one.
This is the plain one that I made for Jo, the creator of the kit.

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