Saturday, September 5, 2009

Spell Gone Wrong

My laptop finally died today =( I think I overheated it for the last time. It's still under warranty thankfully, so I'm going to send it back next week for some repairs. I'm using my old one now, it's about 6 years old. My step daughter's laptop has a corrupt Vista system, so we are sharing this one. I have no idea what to do with hers because it is just out of warranty by two months. So we are going to share my dinosaur until I get my baby repaired. I spent the day trying to install my programs so I don't have too much withdrawal. I did manage to write another tutorial today too. I love the thought of a witch screwing up her spell, so that is the theme I went with. I have her turning into her familiar, lol. I used another one of Cora's kits, "Eye of Newt" and it's a brank spankin new one too!! If you'd like to give the tut a try (and I know you do) you can go here.

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