Monday, August 26, 2013

Killing Me Softly Collection - Anti Bullying Theme

This was a wonderful theme that Zindy and Jo are doing to stand up against bullying. Bullying exists both on the internet and in real life. Can be by someone you know, or have never met in your life. Why someone would want to intentionally hurt someone is beyond me. If you do find yourself being bullied, please, please find help. Make sure you are protected!!! When you are typing out your next message, email, post, please be respectful and remember there are real human beings with feelings on the other side of your keyboard. NOBODY deserves to be disrespected in any way. We all have different feelings, beliefs, and opinions. Just like your mom used to say, "If you can't say something nice, just keep your mouth shut!"

Easter Time Collection

This was a cute Springy Easter kit. I think I may have went overboard with the flowers. Zindy and Jo both outdid themselves with this one!!

Spring is Sweet Collection

Some days I wonder where I'm at lol. I had did a little bit of tagging with one of Jo and Zindy's new collections, and realized that I hadn't posted the last two or so collections that I've worked with. Didn't have them on Facebook either. That was another whole story though, couldn't remember my login, duh! Anyway, I absolutely love this collection. The flowers are gorgeous and I prolly could have made 10 more tags!!!

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